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Hire a Painter for The Day

If you are like me, you have a little bit of interior painting to do in your home and don’t want to do it yourself.

Being a painter, the last thing I want to do is paint when I get home! Here is a solution for you: hire a painter for the day! This is a simple and straight forward program we offer that a lot of people really like.

How much does a painter for the day cost?

I figured we might as well get this out of the way first. We will send a painter to your home that will:

  • Work in your home for up to 7 hours
  • Use the paint you have in your home
  • Touch up or repaint walls etc. in your home
  • Repaint a door where needed
  • Do those little touch ups around the new lights
  • Fix minor drywall repairs

And all for $480.00!  All of our painters are employees that have been fully been given background checks so you can trust who is in your home.  This is also something that works great for gifts for family members who “have it all and don’t need anything”. Hire a painter for the day as a Father’s day, Christmas or Birthday gift!

How do I know if my paint is any good to use for touch ups?

Before we schedule a painter to come to your home, we will come to the house and make sure what you want to be done is able to get done in 7 hours.

We will walk with you and identify:

  • What areas you need painted
  • What areas you need repaired
  • Potential issues that we cannot work on such as mold, water damage
  • The paint you have and if you have enough paint for the touch ups
  • How much time it will take our painter to do the work you want done

What if  I need more paint?

This is where things get tricky.  When we come and look at the work you are wanting done, and you don’t have enough paint or you don’t have the paint we have several options:

  • If you have no paint, we can try to match the wall color but you will end up painting the whole wall
  • When we look at the paint and it is old you may be stuck with buying a new gallon and again painting a whole wall
  • Repaint the whole room with a new color

Sometimes the paint you had is no longer available. The base used may not be made anymore or the tints may have changed which means you are buying new paint.

Will the painter move furniture to do the work?

As with any interior painting project there are items that have to be moved.

  • Heavy items such as pianos we do not move.
  • Other items such as large bedroom furniture can be moved but we need more than 1 person to do that. You can use furniture gliders to help moving some of these pieces.
  • Refrigerators, gas ovens, gas dryers we also shy away from moving due to water or gas line damage.  We can move them but we will require a hold harmless agreement from you.
  • If you have bookshelves like we do in our home we will need those cleaned off so they can be moved. It is too dangerous to try move the items and the bookcase at the same time.
  • Pictures are also a top question. If there is a hole in the wall we fix it, if there is a nail in the wall we leave it alone. I know for a fact the nails you have found “just right” after the “just a little bit more up or left” is something you want to keep.

How can you Hire a painter for the day?

Call us (847) 553-1726, or go to our website and fill in a contact us now form and we will help you love the home you’re in with a painter for the day.

Don’t forget about our referral program!

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We look forward to helping you love the home you’re in! 

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