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Installing a wallpaper mural for your office

Written by David | August 7, 2020

What do the walls at your office look like? Most likely you have paint. Boring! How about installing a wallpaper mural for your office?

The best part about wallpaper murals is you can have them designed for almost any location you want. Wallpaper murals can be designed from photographs, clip art, be custom designed, word art or pick one from thousands of pre-designed websites like www.muralsyourway.com.

Installing a wallpaper mural, however, is a whole different subject. So let’s dive into how to install a wallpaper mural for your office…

wallpaper map mural - wallpaper installation

Here is a wallpaper map mural.

Where can you find a wallpaper mural installer?

This should be the 2nd decision you make! The 1st is where you want it, or what you want to be installed. Once you decide on the what, the who is almost more important. Wallpaper installers are 2-4 weeks booked! There is a shortage of wallpaper installer nationwide (Great opportunity if you are looking for a career. We are always looking for wallpaper installers!).

Some of the websites that sell wallpaper murals will have a list of installers by way of the Locate an Installer section of the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Your local paint stores and paint contractors will usually have a list of people they can refer you too as well. DO NOT wait until you have the wallpaper before you start looking for someone to hire to install the wallpaper.

Inspecting your wallpaper mural before you begin to install it on your walls

This may seem straight forward enough, but it happens more than it should where a mural is unpackaged then put to a wall only to find it doesn’t fit or it is defective.

image of wallpaper layout

Here is an image of the wallpaper layout.

Here is a quick video on our last install on a few things we looked for and had to call the designer to clarify before we installed.

For a quick punch list…

  • Make sure the walls are clean, dry, solid, no holes, and have been primed.
  • Open the box or package carefully. You don’t know how it is wrapped, so be careful because some are easily scratched.
  • Look at the packing list to find the design and measurements. Do they match the wall you are installing the wallpaper on?
  • Look at the wallpaper mural. Are there any marks, scratches, or print errors?
  • Compare the wallpaper design sheet to the wall, and then to the wallpaper mural. They should all be the same/have the same information.
  • If there are any variations, STOP!!! You will not get a refund if you start to install and there is an error in it.
  • Double measure the wall to make sure you have enough height and width to install the wallpaper mural.
  • Make sure you have the right adhesive!

Where to Begin Installing your Mural

Sometimes there is no right or wrong way to begin, as far as location. Last week we had instructions to start in the middle of the wall due to the layout, the letters had to be 2 inches above the door frame and 4 inches below the drop ceiling. With that information, we started to install so that all the letters are at the correct height on the rest of the wall.

installing wallpaper mural - inspect walls before installing

Inspect your walls before the installation begins.

I start on my left and work left to right. I do this because I am right handed and for me it is easier to make double cuts and trim the wallpaper with my right hand than left. So, I make sure that is also the direction I move.

panel one of a Chicago wallpaper mural

Panel one of a Chicago wallpaper mural.

Chicago Map Wallpaper Mural

Chicago Map Wallpaper Mural

Self-stick or peel-and-stick murals

Up to now I was assuming you were installing a wallpaper mural that must be glued, or adhesive applied to either the wall or to the back of the wallpaper. I thought I should mention; peel and stick murals are a completely different type of installation. Make sure what kind you have bought prior to the purchase. You can see a peel and stick install we did some time ago here…

Just a quick word on the peel and stick or self stick murals… Make sure you are buying these from a reputable source. If you are paying the lowest amount you can find, there are REASONS for that. Don’t fall for it. It is not the right choice, and will guarantee failure somewhere.

Let’s get a mural for you!

It’s not that hard to find one, have one made, or find someone to install it for you. So give us a call if you need help! Let us help you love the space you’re in with a fun and conversation-inspiring mural in your home office, work location, kids room, village offices, school, maybe even your church!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Tag us on our Facebook to show us too @DfrancoFinishes

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