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D'franco Painting & Wallpaper – Elgin, Geneva, St. Charles, Chicagoland



The hottest trend in home decor is wallpaper! There are so many choices it can actually be confusing and overwhelming to decide what you want in your home. We can help you make the right choice so you will enjoy the new feel of
your home.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

If you pick up a decorating magazine you are going to see wallpaper.  From natural fabrics to custom-made photos printed to fit your wall. 

Our customers have picked a wide array of wallpapers. The wallpapers designed today are colorful, range in their feel (fabrics/metallic/glass) and what they can do (such as sound reduction), and are meant to last.

We do the work up front to make sure the wallpaper will be installed properly to last. If there is a problem we will come and fix it! With proper preparation comes better removal. We use the right primers to make sure removal is relatively painless.    

Whatever you choose, we are here to help you with your questions, give you a detailed estimate of how we will install your wall coverings, and guarantee our work so you can relax and enjoy the new look of your home.