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How much will it cost to paint my house?

The number 1 question we receive is “How much does it cost to paint my. house”…and then you can also add that same question to all the rest of our services.

So we are putting as much information as possible here so you have an idea of our costs, fees, pricing etc, so when it is time to call us for an estimate you are as well informed as possible. You will see videos from our YouTube Channel as well as links to past articles that will go into more depth as far as estimates or pricing for our painting, wallpaper and cabinet Finishes. So Here we go!

How much …

Fill in the blank. We can help you will almost all of your painting needs such as:

  • painting walls
  • repainting ceilings
  • having your existing painted trim re painted
  • Getting a new coat of paint on interior doors
  • Having 1 room in your house painted
  • Re-painitng your entire home
  • (Cabinet painting – keep scrolling down the page)
  • New construction Painintg
  • Painitng wood stained trim white

Within each of these type of painting services, there are several things we need from you in order to get a accurate estimate to you. For example painting 1 wall vs a whole house, painting a white wall that used to be black. So read on so we can help you with your question the best way. we know

How do I get an estimate to paint my house?

So as you just read, that is quite a list of painting serives that we can offer to you, and that list does not even cover it everything. So we need to have a clear understanding of what services you are looking for. When we are painting a home, we have several ways we can get an estimate to you:

  • On site consultation
  • Estimate from prints or on line listings such as Red Fin
  • texts or emails with room size and dimensions

What We need from you to give you a painting estiamte

When you have called us to get a estimate for painting your home, we will get some basic information;

  • your contact information- we use this so we know who you are, so we can call you, so we can send email confirmations of appointments and the estimate itself.
  • how you found us- if you came from a referral we want to thank that persons for referring us!
  • what are you looking to have painted. 1 room vs a whole house is a quite a difference in our prep work and on site time to prepare that cost for you
  • if you have special paint requests such no VOC
  • are there drywall repairs that need to be made
  • wallpaper removal
  • when your looking to have the work done

What can I expect to pay for painting

Painting walls can cost from $1.10 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot (or more). If we are just painting walls the same color where we can just apply one coat of paint will be on the lower cost, where as if we are painting ceilings, crown molding, window trim, windows, door frames, doors, repairing holes, caulking trim, filling nail holes, taking wood stained trim to white will be much higher.

An average 10×10 bedroom is about $589 with a gallon of paint for walls. This would include:

  • pole sanding walls
  • masking trim
  • covering floors and furniture
  • minor wall repairs
  • removing outlet and switch covers
  • 1 gallon of paint
  • 2 coats of paint

With all of the variables …

It can be hard to just write up a blog to get you a number, I hope some of this help get you prepared to call your paint contractor to get a estimate, so you will have an idea of what to expect when you want to know How much will it cost to paint my house.

Painters Coupons

Have you received any coupons in the mail from another painting company? You have most likely seen them in mailers, coupon value packs, or local value ads.

If you have and want another estimate, give us a call with the coupon and we will match it. There are companies that offer whole house painting for $2499.00. But if you read the coupon, as our last customer showed us, you will read that it is only for 8 rooms, (not a 2 story foyer) nor does it include paint! Make sure that you read the ads closely. We do our best to match our competitions ads.

No VOC Paint from Sherwin Williams

We have completed our 2nd job using the Harmony line (non VOC paint) of paints from Sherwin Williams. After 24 gallons we can say….WOW!  we used the flat for ceilings which I feel had too much sheen for a flat paint. We also used the eggshell for the walls.  We really put it to the test. After having a great feel for it in a bathroom, we cut in a room at the top and bottom of each wall, left for an hour, then painted the walls. When the paint dried, we had no flashing, no marks, no streaks, and no sign of where we started or ended. When the walls dried, the sheen was perfect, not too shiny as with most eggshells, it was more of a low luster look, with a great washability.

For homeowners, this would be a great one coat paint coverage.

What Is a Good Paint Job Worth?

That depends on you, your budget, what you want in, from or out of your home. Do you want it to look cheap? Do you like seeing nail pops throughout your home? Do you have cracks in the base molding where the caulk has come apart? Do you like to see every brush mark because the last time your walls were painted they used one coat of paint? Would you like you home to look just as good at the model homes you tour? Would you like feel the coziness of a warm color that just makes you feel at home? What else would you like from a coat of paint in your home?

You do get what you pay for. From certified no VOC paints, to quality washable paints we have what you want. We have the good paint. A trained crew that makes things fast, clean, no worries, and quality work. Knowing that you can give us the keys to your home it will be treated better than our own.

How can we help you? What is a no stress decorating job worth to you?

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