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Most people don't know how different their kitchen can look or how refinishing kitchen cabinets can change the feel of their home. From touch-ups to a whole new color, we are here to meet your needs step by step.   

I'm not sure if I want to paint or replace our cabinets.

I understand this statement. My wife and I talked about this very thing with our home. There are several things to think about:

Is there anything wrong with your existing cabinets? If not, then refinishing or painting them is very cost-effective. (60-70% cheaper than new)

Will a painted kitchen cabinet last?  Yes it will. Cabinet-grade paint is a high quality material meant for high use areas. Like your car, you do have to take care of it and not abuse or use harsh chemicals on them. The paint we use in your home for your cabinets is the same as you would receive if buying new cabinets. So it will last for years to come. 

When we come to your home, ask us for a sample door and we can show you what you will get.  What to know how?

Our cabinet painting process is a system, a step-by-step process to make sure you receive the best possible results.  

  • We start by cleaning. From cleaning supplies, food, grease, and pet stains to oils from your finger prints, all of this must be cleaned away which typically does not come off with household cleaning products. 
  • Once everything is cleaned, we wear rubber gloves to make sure there is no contamination from our hands.
  • We wipe everything one more time just to make sure we have these cabinets clean.
  • All the surfaces will get two coats of primer
  • We will give a quick sand to make sure there are no burrs, or dust on the surface
  • Then we apply two coats of the color of choice.

All the floors will be completely covered with waterproof paper and tape. We make sure to cover your countertops, appliances, and walls to keep the paint where it belongs- on your cabinets. 

You have choices!!!

  • What color you want is 100% up to you!!
  • Are you getting new hardware?
  • Do you want accent colors?

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Let us show you our step-by-step process so you will know what we are doing, what we are using and how to care for your newly repainted kitchen.