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D'franco Painting & Wallpaper – Elgin, Geneva, St. Charles, Chicagoland

Installing wallpaper for HGTV!

Yep, you read it right! You are going to see us on HGTV! Last year right before covid hit we received a call from a long time general contractor, Jason Silver of Silver Bullet Remodeling, to help in a new HGTV show called $50K Three Ways!! After thinking about what he said and asking if…

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Refinish a Wood Table or Buy New?

Are you thinking of buying new furniture? Then we may be able to help you think of a few things you may want to consider. Buying new furniture can be fun for sure. But if you are asking “should I or can I Refinish a wood table or buy new?”, then we help you answer…

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Should I paint my cabinets with high gloss paint?

That is a loaded question- kind of like do I look fat in these pants! Ok, so you want to paint your cabinets.  You want something with a “pop” – shiny.  So you may be asking yourself “should I paint my cabinets with high gloss paint?” The better question(s) is/are: Can you paint with high…

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How to paint bricks!

If you have a home with a brick fireplace or accent wall then this post is for you! Over the past year, we have been blessed to be able to help people in their homes by updating kitchen cabinets with paint, repainting walls, and adding wallpaper to their homes. But one of the most dramatic…

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Installing a wallpaper mural for your office

What do the walls at your office look like? Most likely you have paint. Boring! How about installing a wallpaper mural for your office? The best part about wallpaper murals is you can have them designed for almost any location you want. Wallpaper murals can be designed from photographs, clip art, be custom designed, word…

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How to Hire a Wallcovering Installer

This blog post was copied from the Wallcovering Installer Association homepage, which we are members of. Formerly the NGPP, we are now WIA. Go to their website for other great content on wallcovering information. First, you’ll want to hire an installer with a reputation for excellent work. There are a number of ways to check…

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Shiney Spots on My Wall

shiny spot

While at a Christmas party last week, a friend asked why they have Shiney spots on their wall after they just painted.

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Ice Dams

Well if you are like me,  the past few weeks have sent me to my roof to break up ice that has built up on my roof and gutters.  The ice had lead to water dripping into the ceilings of my kitchen and living room. Aside from snow removal and Buckets to catch water,  there…

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Furniture Restored?

We have had a hot hand lately for customers that have some gently used items such as tables that just need a little lift to help with appearance. From refinishing to the same color to restaining or painting a piece we can get you what you want. Give us a call for what we can…

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