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Do you know what the Best Masking Tape is to use for your home or office when painting?

Odds are you are like 90% of most home owners and get what ever is on sale or what the sale guy says to use. One of our favorite tape is FrogTape. I am sure you have seen it. It is available at most every hardware, home improvement or paint store near you.

best masking tape - frogtape

So, Why FrogTape?

There are numerous tapes available but how many say they use technology from baby diapers? I don’t know of any others. If you have seen it in the store, it comes in a plastic container. Why?

FrogTape has a chemical in the adhesive that reacts to water. When you apply the tape to walls/ceilings/trim etc- you wipe it down with a damp cloth. This will cause the adhesive to “swell”, this swelling is from the baby diaper chemicals. it seals the tape to the surface!

You may be saying so what- DON’T! Other tapes will allow the paint that hits the tape to go under the tape itself and “leaks” which causes small drip marks which have to be cleaned, or scraped away.

Where can FrogTape be used?

FrogTape can be used almost everywhere. We use it for:

  • interior trim painting
  • masking the floor
  • painting accent walls
  • masking off walls when we are painting cabinets
  • we use the delicate Frog Tape on wallpaper
  • we also use it when painting and masking brick

How do you use it?

Above we mentioned that is applies almost the same as regular tape, but you need to wipe the the tape with a damp rag. This seals the tape to the surface to prevent leaking.

Take a view from FrogTape:

What else should I know about FrogTape?

We just did a podcast from a rep about FrogTape


A quick recap

  • You will get clean lines
  • It may cost more for the tape but it will take you less time (time is money)
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has multiple uses

If you have other questions about using frog tape for your next cabinet painting, wallpaper, or interior project, give us a call, text, or shoot us a message on the “Get Estimate” section on our website.

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