painting trim white - how to paint trim
Painting Trim White

Do you have wood trim in your house?

Well- duh! yeah! While that may seem like a no brainer question, there are some homes with plastic or foam-based trim in their homes. I would say 95% of all homes have wood trim. I would go further to say most homes have wood trim that has been stained. Most trim that is stained is either Oak or Pine. If you are tired of stained wood then painting your trim white is a great way to give your home an update!

wood trim - how to paint wood trim white
wood trim that has been stained

Can I paint stained wood trim white?

Without a doubt yes! If it is wood it can be painted. There are a few questions we have to ask and you have to consider if you’re going to tackle this job yourself or have us paint it for you.

  • How old is the wood or stain?
  • Is the trim oak or pine?
  • What color is the trim you have now?

So, why the questions? It helps us and you prepare for what we need to do to get your trim painted properly. The age of the stain will determine a few things: the older the stain the more likely it is oil and is peeling in areas exposed to heat/cold or water. If you have oak, that means you will have heavy grain in in the wood that will have to be filled or accept the fact you will see wood grain after it is painted. However, with wood that is pine, the new paint will lay flat and smooth. Then, the color of stain you have now, if it is dark it may mean 2 coats of primer with the two coats of paint.

wood trim painted white - interior home painting
wood stained trim painted white

What primer to use for painting trim

There are several really good primers that we use and are readily available. (Of course there are material shortages as of this article which could affect which primer you can find.) We have two favorites: Stix and Odorless oil primers.

Zinsser odorless oil primer
odorless oil primer
Stix bonding primer
stix bonding primer

What is the difference? Quick and easy. The green can is oil so it will block out any tannins, or stains, etc. from bleeding through the paint. The blue can is meant to bond to almost any surface.

What is the process for painting wood trim white

We could get into deatils of this but i will try and keep this simple.

  • You will need to remove all window treatments and brackets mounted to the windows.
  • All the painted surfaces need to be cleaned. We wipe/vac/and then use a cleaner.
  • We mask the walls around the windows to make sure no paint or primer gets on the walls.
  • Next is primer! Roll or brush it on the trim.
  • Once the primer is applied and dried, you must fill in nail holes and caulk all the gaps you see that will look like black lines.
  • We then do a quick sand to smooth out the surface.
  • Finally!! We paint.

This a a quick checklist and we could get into details but with Youtube, you can see the details like the types of brushes and rollers to use, what kind of paint to use, or tape to use.

Should you paint walls before painting trim?

Easy question and easy answer in my opinion- NO! If you paint the walls first then you have to wait for the paint to cure and you will then have to mask the walls. One of the issues we have is when the walls are masked is you don’t know what you will have to work with. Did the walls get primed? Were the walls dirty the last time they were painted? These are just two reasons that even with a delicate tape there are high chances that the tape will pull the paint off the wall in places.

How can we help you with your painting questions

So, do you have any questions? Let us know how we can help!

dfranco painting wallpaper logo - painters elgin il

We are here to help you love the space you’re in!!

wallpaper accent wall
One Day Accent Wallpaper Installation!

Are you looking for a room or wall in your home to be wallpapered? Well, welcome to the joy of wallpaper and more importantly, welcome to one day wallpaper installation!

The number one call we receive in our office, aside from the free vacations, the approvals for $40,000 in loans, there is a problem with my website, or just the random hang ups are customers that are looking for the cost and availability for us to come install either an accent wall of wallpaper or a single small room wallpaper installation such as powder rooms.

What we need to know about installing accent wallpaper

A few things we need to know about before we can answer your questions about these one day wallpaper installations:

  • Do you have wallpaper picked out?
  • Will we need to come and measure the space you want to wallpaper?
  • When are you looking to have the wallpaper installed?
  • Are you having other work done in the room or on the walls you want wallpapered?
accent wallpaper bedroom
Bedroom Accent Wall Wallpaper

Why do we need this information?

Several reasons.

  • If you have not selected the wallpaper, we cannot give an accurate estimate because we don’t know:
    • How much wallpaper you need
    • What type of adhesive we need to use
    • If the wallpaper needs a lining paper
    • The length of time each piece will need to book
    • If the pieces need to to be trimmed or if they are pre-trimmed
  • Are you doing other work where you want wallpaper? Wallpaper is typically the last thing you do in a room/project. Some things to consider:
    • How long has the new drywall been in? (We need to make sure it is fully cured before we install)
    • Was it painted recently? If so that paint needs to cure before we install wallpaper over it.
    • New toilet/vanities/towel holders/ paper holders etc. all need to be done/removed before we wallpaper. Don’t take this stuff off after we have just installed your wallpaper!
dining room wallpaper accent wall
Dining Room Accent Wallpaper

Find your installer before you get your wallpaper!

EVERY DAY we are getting calls informing us that “I just received wallpaper, can you come and install it (fill in the date).” I would love nothing more than to say yes to this statement and question but we cannot. We are usually 2-3 weeks scheduled for wallpaper jobs. Some installers we know and work with are scheduled 3-6 months from today!

We did a blog post (hiring wallpaper installers) and a Podcast where we talked about Hiring a contractor for your home.

To recap those make sure:

  • to have someone that has experience
  • they have insurance
  • to ensure they reputable
  • know whether you will be having an employee or subcontractor in your home
  • have it in writing

What is considered a one day wallpaper installation?

Going by the theory of there are no dumb questions, these are locations that we can start at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day provide you with a room or wall that is completely installed for you to enjoy!

Most single accent walls can be done in one day as with most smaller rooms. Believe it or not a powder room can take as much time to wallpaper as a larger dining room because there are more obstructions to cut around!

one day wallpaper - bathroom wallpaper accent wall
One Day Powder Room Wallpaper Install

Regardless, you can expect us to do a quick pole sand of the walls to smooth out them out, prime all the walls, provide wallpaper adhesive, and do the work needed to install the wallpaper.

So…how much are one day accent wallpaper installations?

Quick and easy… $589.00 covers all the above. We will confirm what is being done or not being done so we are all on the same page, but that is what to expect!

Using wallpaper to accent walls in your home

Is wallpaper still a thing? Do people really still want wallpaper? Yes and YES!!

You can always paint rooms in your home with different colors.  How about Using Wallpaper to accent walls in your home? Contrary to what you may hear, the use of wallpaper is one of the oldest ways to decorate homes! No scoffing allowed today. In a recent trip to Charleston, SC, we visited the Nathaniel Russel historic house. In that home was recreated wallpaper and some restored wallpaper that predated the civil war!!

wallpaper from Nathaniel Russel home
wallpaper from Nathanial Russel home
Nathaniel Russell House wallpaper
here is the whole room from the historic nathan Russel home in South carolina

Accent walls of wallpaper

You may or may not have seen posts we have made before about using wallpaper in your home. If you have, great! However if you have not, then keep reading to see if we can spark some ideas for you.

Powder Rooms

In powder rooms, single walls of wallpaper are gaining momentum for sure!

accent wallpaper in powder room
accent wall of wallpaper in a powder room


Wallpaper as an accent behind the bed.

before wallpaper installation
BEFORE: Here is a a single wall before wallpaper
after wallpaper installation
AFTER: Wallpaper accent behind a bed

Dining Rooms

A accent wall of wallpaper for a dining room:

before wallpaper - wallpaper installers geneva
BEFORE: dining room accent wall
wallpaper installation elgin il
AFTER: dining room with an accent wall of wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper accent walls

This is a quick and simple example of a single wall wallpaper with a mural for a commercial space.

commercial wallpaper installation before
commercial accent wallpaper
after commercial wallpaper installation
commercial wallpaper accent wallpaper

Another great example of a wallpaper mural used for an accent wall. We also did a blog post on commercial wallpaper you can read more about here: Using wallpaper murals to improve your workspace.

before wallpaper mural
Getting ready for a wallpaper mural accent on a white wall
wallpaper mural - commercial wallpaper
A single accent wall- no more white walls here! Great accent wallpaper wall

Yet one more example of using commercial wallpaper to accent a wall

commercial wall with no wallpaper
Commercial wall with no wallpaper
commercial wallpaper accent wall
Commercial wallpaper used for an accent wall

What kind of wallpaper accent walls do you want?

There is almost no limit. Imagine the fun you can have!

  • Grasscloth accent wallpaper
  • A custom designed mural for your home or office
  • Commercial wallpaper design for your home
  • Wallpaper geometric patters
  • Traditional wallpaper patterns of florals

All you have to do is find what wallpaper you want installed and leave the rest to us. We will show you how using wallpaper to accent walls in your home is a great way to bring some pop in your home!

Water Damage Ceilings

It happens to almost every house in the United States -Water Damage!

If you have a house, you have water in it. Water is being introduced to your house from rain, snow, water pipes, and water from showers, sinks and toilets.  It is not a question of if you are going to have water damage, it is a matter of where and when. From our position as painters, that water damage most likely will come in the form of water damage ceilings.

For this post we will focus on water damage ceilings, mainly water spots or stains.

“Our bathtub overflowed and water came through the ceiling in the kitchen, can you fix that?”

Yes, we can. Once the water has dried there will be water stains on your ceiling as seen in the image below.

water damage - repairing cabinets

When you see this, and when we arrive to look at the problem area, there are few things we need to ask:

  • Is the area still wet?
    • If the area is still wet you may need a plumber, or roofer depending on the location of the leak.  They will determine if there is still a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Do you know where the water came from?
    • This will tie into the above question, it may have been a small one time issue- kids spilled, leaking faucet now fixed etc.
  • Are we going to have a mold issue?
    • If the area is closed off, there can be issues of mold between two floors or between inside and outside walls.
  • When was the last time it was wet and how long has it been dry?
    • If this happened a year ago and it is still dry we know that a quick repair is what we will do.

Each of these questions is meant to get to the problem and help us make sure it is fixed the right way.  In the image above we don’t have to worry about the drywall seams being damaged so it makes our job easy…well, easier.

So the water stain is old and dry – what is next?

As we get ready to repaint the ceiling, we have to make sure we have our checklist of materials needed:

  • Masking tape
  • Plastic to cover the walls/trim from not getting paint splatter on these areas
  • Drop cloths to cover the floors
  • Roller handle and roller sleeve
  • Paint brush
  • Paint tray
  • extension pole used to reach the ceiling while painting
  • Ceiling paint
  • Spray can of oil-based primer such as Kilz or Bin

Once all the materials are in hand, prep work!  masking the walls and trim, moving furniture or covering it with plastic, and covering the floors with drop cloths.

Now that your ready to get into paint, get out the spray can of primer and shake well! (2-3 min) Spray the water stained area with the primer and allow to dry. It could be 30 minutes- it could be 2 hours. Once the 1st cost of primer is dry, the stain may come through, but usually it means the stain has bonded to the primer and become part of the primer, and usually it is now encapsulated so it cannot bleed through. However, I don’t like to take the risk, so we recommend a second coat of primer.

bin primer - painting water damage ceiling
here is a spot primer we use

Wait for the primer to dry!

This may seem pretty simple and easy. However, most people paint too fast and don’t allow the primer to dry.  Oil primers have to wait for the oils to actually dry out, it is a chemical process. You cannot mechanically force oil paint or primer to dry any faster than it was designed to dry.  Water based primers however, get a fan or hair dryer and dry it!

Paint that ceiling.

Your primer is dry. The walls and floors are masked.  You have paint ready to apply. So now it is just time to get to it.  Cut in the edges with your brush, if you have a fan blowing, you could actually apply the 2nd coat of primer by the time you get to where you are starting and have two coats of primer done right away. Then clean the brush! Roll out the ceiling paint, inspect to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. If it all looks good throw away or wash the roller sleeve, tape and plastic. Pick up drop cloths, move your furniture back and enjoy a spot free ceiling!

fixing water damage ceiling - ceiling painting
Here is ceiling freshly painted

Let us know if you have any water damage that needs fixing. We may be able to help you.

50k three ways instagram post - interior home painting elgin il
Check out some of our paint work we did on HGTV’s 50K three ways.

Should I Paint My Cherry Cabinets?

Should I Paint My Cherry Cabinets?

Maybe you should ask are you ready to paint your Cherry Cabinets?

If you are like many of our customers in the Chicagoland area, such as Elgin, you have a home that has wood cabinets. Do you have solid wood cabinets such as cherry and you are not happy with the look and feel of your kitchen? Have been looking at Pinterest, Google images, watching HGTV or YouTube videos about painting kitchen cabinets? Are you afraid of making the right decision? Then you are not alone. I too have felt this fear and faced these same questions so you are in the right place. Now the the question once more- Should I paint my cherry cabinets?

Do you have this?

But ready for something like this?

How much will it cost and will it last?

These are the two questions most people are asking when facing the question or problem of kitchen remodeling, but for most people, it is the same answer.

  • The cost is based on how many cabinets you have
  • The process is proven to last- so we give you a lifetime warranty on our work
  • We even come back in 1 year to do a check up if you need it

A common question- how much does it cost to paint cabinets compared to replacing the cabinets. Right now, you can expect about $107.00 per cabinet to have it painted. That is an average so you can do some rough math by counting your cabinets. When you look at the cost to replace your cabinets, it will be 60% more expensive than painting them and with the money you save by painting, you can now upgrade your door hardware, your countertops, your sink, and most likely your appliances to have a new kitchen you want and enjoy.

cherry cabinets before

cherry cabinets painted and glazed

The other cost is the loss of your kitchen. If you replace your cabinets, think about the fact that you will have no kitchen to use for several weeks. You will not have appliances. You will have to remove everything from your cabinets and store all that stuff for 2-4 weeks! There are always surprises as you take things out and replace that end up costing more money and time away from the most popular part of your home. If you don’t have a 2nd place in your home to cook, that is a lot of money to buy food ready to eat vs. cooking in your home.

THE best part is YOU decide what color you want! You can go to any JC Licht Store, or Sherwin Williams store in the Chicagoland area, pick any color you want- you can even pick two colors if you wish!!  (If you select the whites from BEHR- we may not be able to match it 100%)

So, can I paint MY cherry cabinets

YES!!  You have just read the inconvenience of replacing your cabinets with new ones. When we paint them, you get to use your kitchen! There may be a few hours in the course of the day we have plastic around your appliances to protect them, but every night you use your kitchen! And since you don’t have doors you can access everything in your kitchen quicker! (That one was meant to bring a smile). Before the details of how, there are several questions you have to be able to honestly answer to know if painting your cabinets is a good solution for you.

  • Is there anything wrong with the cabinets you have? Is there any damage? Are there any broken doors? Do they have water damage? If you are saying no to any other these then so far you are on your way to painting your cabinets!
  • Do you like the look of a painted cabinet? Some people, my father being one of them, cringes at the sound of painting wood. If you are not sure then take a few hours and go to a home improvement store like Home Depot or Menards to look and touch. Ask yourself if you can see yourself with painted kitchen cabinets.
  • If you are still feeling good about the idea then it is time for the next step!
before cherry cabinets painting

original cherry cabinets

painted cherry cabinets

But! There is always a but. There are a few things you need to be aware of if you have never had a kitchen or any cabinets that are painted. Painted cabinets are not like stained wood cabinets. I know you are here because you want to know about cherry cabinets, however, if your cabinets are pine-stained cherry color, this is not for you. Pine cabinets are not good candidates for paint. But you have solid Cherry! Stained cherry cabinets have a finish that has penetrated the wood fibers themselves to bond into the wood. Paint on a cabinet is given a bonding primer to stick to the surface of the cabinet. Then the paint is put on top of the primer. This is the same in a new factory cabinet or a refinished one like you are thinking about now.

Keep in mind, at the end of the day this is paint. It is a hard shell, it will resist stains, it will be washable, it will look impressive. Paint on wood can chip upon impact and wood doors will not allow you to place wet towels or rags on them and not become damaged.  I have to give you those buts up front so you know.

I have painted my cabinets, people but are doing it every day, and I believe it a great way to not just improve the look of your kitchen but change how you feel about the most important room in your home.

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what it did for me… Before I met Daphne and we were married, she had her cabinets painted but didn’t like the color. There was still nothing wrong with the cabinets-just a color -the wrong color. We picked a new color, had some new hardware installed, where there were none before and now we have a kitchen that my wife loves to look at and loves the feeling she has when we are in it. So I have used the materials, process, and system in my home as well.

Here is one testimonial from a great customer in Elgin, IL about painting cherry cabinets:

What are you getting?

When you hire D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, you’ll have the peace of mind of …

  • You will have employees of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper not subcontractors
  • All of our employees  get background checked by a 3rd party vendor
  • We carry workman’s comp and liability insurance.
  • We have a system and process that has is used, always evaluated to improve and refine. And for over 15 years we still attend training annually to make sure we provide the best products for your home.
  • Lifetime Warranty on our work. We will come back on your anniversary every year and give you one hour to do the minor touch-ups that you may need
  • We use cabinet-grade cabinet paints from ML Campbell, Chem Aqua, Shurwood, or ILVA. These are time-tested and award-winning finishes that will last and meet the demands of the most used room in your house. (the paint we use is varies on cost, color and availability)

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Keep looking at your cabinets and wonder what if…or worse, do nothing at all. You know where that will lead (to another web search on cherry cabinets, frustrated about the look and feel of your kitchen). Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally, get that estimate and transform your kitchen – Love the home you live in! Which do you really want for yourself? So here are your next steps:

  • Call or text us
  • We will ask you for pictures of your kitchen
  • We will give you a cost to paint your cabinets within $100-$200. It includes removing hardware, cleaning, painting the outside of the boxes and both sides of the doors. If the numbers look like you want more information we will make an appointment with you. We will come to your house with a door sample that you can touch and see. We will inspect everything and then give you an accurate quote of the exact cost
  • Receive a detailed description of how our process works and give you videos to show you of us in action.
  • You receive a list of products we use
  • You may qualify for a free color consult!
  • You’ll have a lifetime warranty.

So, you have asked the question “should I paint my cherry cabinets?”, and you have read the answers, now you are ready to take action and get a GET AN ESTIMATE today!

We look forward to helping you love the home you live in!

Here are some other blog articles on painting cabinets we have for you:

Installing wallpaper for HGTV!

Yep, you read it right! You are going to see us on HGTV!

Last year right before covid hit we received a call from a long time general contractor, Jason Silver of Silver Bullet Remodeling, to help in a new HGTV show called $50K Three Ways!! After thinking about what he said and asking if I heard him correctly, it was a Tommy Breadlove “Hell Yes”!! So after a few minutes, we find out we will be installing wallpaper for HGTV, 6 episodes, of this new show with host Tiffany Brooks.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tiffany Brooks HGTV’d (@tiffanybrooksinteriors)

What is $50K Three Ways?

This is a new show on HGTV, which features the above host, Tiffany, presenting 3 ways to remodel or improve a home with a budget of $50,000.00.  Kind of cool!  All of these shows are filmed at homes in the Chicagoland area.

50K 3 Ways HGTV - dfranco wallpaper
A pic of a pic from the TV show
Dfranco team with Tiffany Brooks - Installing Wallpaper for HGTV

Daniel and I with Tiffany Brooks

Installing wallpaper on camera

This was very fun and cool to do, covid protocols made it interesting, testing testing testing.  Each job we did included us with a mic and a camera man taping everything we did. We have one episode where we get to speak and interact with Tiffany, fun, she has some energy for sure!!

Lights! Camera! HGTV!!

I know I was more nervous about the humming or occasional whistling that I do, or a not so nice word if I made a mistake, but it was worry for nothing. They were a great and professional crew to work for and with.

dfranco painting wallpaper - wallpaper installation
gettng ready fpr another episode of HGTV
interior painting - dfranco elgin il
Painting for HGTV
50k 3 ways hgtv set
Quiet on the set!

Where and when can you see us on HGTV?

The shows are airing on Mondays at 6:30 and 7:30 CST. But!! They are also running during the week, hoping we get to do season 2!

Glazing kitchen cabinets

Are you ready for something different for your painted cabinets?

Try Glazing kitchen cabinets! We are painting kitchen cabinets at about a kitchen and a half per week. Most people are just painting with solid colors, some will add a 2nd color for islands.  One thing we used to do a lot of was glazing wood, specifically glazing kitchen cabinets.

Ever seen glazed cabinets? Do you know what a glazed cabinet looks like? Can you see yourself wanting a glazed cabinet?

What is a glazed cabinet?

In the simplest of terms a glazed cabinet or piece of furniture is something that has been painted with a color. Once that color is dry, we add a tinted clear finish, then spray, brush or roll that color onto the surface, where we wipe it off until we achieve the color or style the customer wants.

Just like every other type of decorative painting there are different ways you can glaze

  • Pinstripe – simple stripes along the edges of the doors
  • Wipe on – almost like staining, the glaze is applied to the surface by wiping it on
  • Wipe off – we apply the color to the surface and wipe off until we get the color the customer wants
  • Spray on – this one we can do with smaller sprayers, not a lot of overspray, and add an aged look to the painted surface

You can actually watch a video we did about glazing cabinets here 

What colors can you glaze?

That is an easy enough question to answer…any color. What looks good? That is a whole different story.  Usually applying a dark color over a lighter color looks the best (in my opinion), I have seen some dark cherry cabinets that were glazed with a light white over it in the groves of the doors. It didn’t look bad, just not my taste.

A trend in flooring and furniture is a type of glazing called a Ceruse finish. Here is a link to video that shows what this looks like .This unique as it typically uses heavy grain woods such as oak, which really show the grain, a dark color is applied to the oak, then it is glazed with a light color glaze and man does it pop!  Again, not a huge fan of it but it is interesting.  The finishes we are seeing are natural oak with white, that appear to mimic picking finishes done in the 80’s.

How durable is a glazed kitchen cabinet finish?

The best part about a glazed finish is that it can be as durable as a painted surface. Depending on the application and materials used, it can last a long time and stand up to normal wear and tear.

Just like traditional painted surfaces, the painted wood surfaces do not tolerate water!  So not using hot soapy water, not allowing water to stand on the painted surface, and no harsh cleaners will definitely allow for longevity.

Does a glazed finish make a big difference in how my kitchen will look?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words…

unglazed cabinet door - kitchen cabinet painters
Here is a unglazed cabinet door
glazing kitchen cabinets - cabinet refinishing elgin il
The same door glazed
glazed kitchen cabinets

Cabinet door and drawer front that have been glazed

Before and after photos of glazed kitchen cabinets

Of course when you go all out and paint the cabinets before they are glazed it is even a bigger wow factor!

painting cherry cabinets

Cherry cabinets painted and glazed

cherry cabinets before glaze - kitchen cabinet painting elgin il

Cherry cabinets before paint and glaze

cabinets before painting - dfranco painting elgin

Cabinets before paint and glaze

painting cabinets white - cabinet glazing

Cabinets after paint and glazeGlazed cabinets is not for everyone. It has a certain place and it is something that takes practice to do. We hope we have the opportunity to help you with your cabinet painting needs.

We love to see how we can help you love the space you’re in!

How to Become a Painter

Have you thought about a new career? Ever thought about how to become a painter?

As of the writing of this article, the trades in general are starving for great people. Painting is a career that you can earn what you want and live where you want while doing it. Have you thought about it? Here is why we think becoming a painter is a great choice for you.

There are many companies that are looking for employees to become painters. We however are looking for more than just painters. Our goal is to find what you are good at, hear your goals, find out how your natural strengths can produce excellent results.

Where to apply to be a painter?

Unless you are going to work for a Union position, one of the downfalls of the painting trade is the difficulty of finding a place to learn properly.  Just like everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, everyone thinks they can paint. So, where do you start?

Like every other job, you start looking online for the ads. Our ads for painters appear on Craigslist, Facebook and Indeed. You should be looking at these ads just like you would dating someone.

  • Where are they located?
  • How much are they willing to pay?
  • What type of benefits are there?
  • How far will you have to travel?
  • Will you have to purchase your own tools to start?
  • What type of training is there?

These are questions we hope potential employees ask us. It shows us their commitment to us. We are not looking for people only to earn a paycheck.

You can expect us to ask you some questions too!

  • What are your goals this year, next year, etc.?
  • Our job is to provide an experience for customers- can you look past a list of tasks and see how to achieve results?
  • There are 3 things we say: What will you do to be on time, on budget and deliver excellence?

Other companies use other hiring sources such as zip recruiter, but they are not in our budget nor have we been fortunate to find the right people.

What does it take to be a painter?

Ask 5 painters what type of paint to use on a wall and you will get 5 answers. What it takes to be a painter is also subjective to whom you are looking to work with. One of the issues is what type of painting are you looking to get into? There are many different types of painting:

Each of these types of painting can be offered by one painting company. Some Painting companies offer specific, niche type, painting such as mural painting.

Our company, D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, Offers several of the above type of painting. Why? We have found that offering several types of painting keeps us busy especially when certain trends come and go. Take listen to our recent podcast where we interviewed one of our painters to share their experience here – WE ARE HIRING PAINTERS!

Since there are several styles of painting you can get into, training gets more difficult as well. Paint education schools are virtually non existent. It was not that long ago that we did not have a very good training program either. We have changed that due to conventions we’ve attended and the help of the PCA (Paint Contractors Association and Sherwin Williams. With a base outline of what to teach and how, our training has taken big leaps. We are always improving how we train and what we train employees on, because learning new things is fun, keeps us energized and we might just find that God given talent you never knew you had.

How long will it take?

This really depends on you. The basics of painting can be taught very quickly. Mastering how to hold that brush to make straight lines can take years. It is said it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at anything. When you factor in the different types of painting we do, it could take a while for you to feel 100% comfortable to become a good painter. You need practice!

There are other factors that will affect how long it will take you:

  • Using different materials – each type of paint is a little different.
  • Weather? Yep- temperature, humidity, etc. all affect how paint is applied and how it dries.
  • Tools – just like computers and iPhones- paint tools change. Brushes are always being changed and each type of brush is different as well.
  • Talent- some techniques are easy to learn, some require talent- such as using your left hand as good as your right.

Where can painting take me?

Being a painter is just one small part of a career in painting. As you will start as an apprentice, you evolve to a painter, then Lead painter. Moving from painting to being in charge of jobs then people is the next step as you become a crew leader. But it doesn’t have to stop there!

  • Maybe you are good with people? Then doing sales and estimating may fit your talents better.
  • How about Marketing? Social media, design emails, write copy for blogs, develop a flyer for paint stores, or postcards to customers.
  • Maybe you can teach? Then turn that skill into training new employees.
  • Are you organized? This could lead you to project management!
  • Maybe start doing podcasts or YouTube videos?

Where can I learn more about becoming a painter?

It is easy- send an email, give us a resume, call us and start a conversation. Go to Indeed and apply to our ad! You are a Google search away from a paint contractor looking for great people just like you who like to paint!

Email us right here:

Painting Cherry Cabinets?

Are you considering Painting Cherry Cabinets?

If the answer to that question is yes, then please read on! We have helped and empowered many customers to make this difficult decision easy. It is hard to think of painting cherry cabinets as an option, but I assure you it will be ok!

Although we have written several blog posts about this subject, today we are going to add some problems that may happen when painting cabinets.

Are people really Painting Cherry Cabinets?

Yes! Customers are also painting wood cabinets that are maple and oak. This is not the choice for everyone. My family cringes at the thought of painting wood, such as cherry. I helped my father strip paint from the wood in the home we grew up in for several years! There are a few great reasons why this is more popular:

  • Cost of new cabinets
  • Cost of remodeling
  • Price of lumber
  • Time needed to replace a kitchen with new cabinets

These factors make painting a great alternative to making that kitchen a space of your own- a place you want to be in, and proud to show off.

Can I paint my cherry cabinets?

Absolutely! If you have seen our other posts or watched our YouTube videos, you will see the cabinets we are painting. Here is one video of our work on cherry cabinets.

So, what is the process to paint cabinets?

The job always starts with prep and cleaning. Customers will tell us, “We have a cleaning service, so they should be clean.” But…

  • There is always residue from previous cleaning products!
  • You’ll need to remove any grease, oil, dirt etc. from the cabinets.
  • If you have a cabinet door that leads to your garbage can, look at the inside of that cabinet door. (usually nasty)
  • Believe it or not, your hands have oil on them! That oil will need to be cleaned off as well.

Cover the floors and counters with a self-stick plastic wrap. The walls get masked with tape, we remove all handles and hinges, and make sure we cover appliances. You can see the video that we have completely covered the counters with tape and plastic.

With everything covered and cleaned, we start priming all surfaces that will be painted. After the primer is applied, we fill the nail holes you never paid attention to from the initial installation. Using caulk, we fill the small cracks and seams to keep everything smooth, a solid white surface, and leveled.

The primer is applied, and now we sand the surfaces, then start to paint. We spray as much as possible but sometimes we have to get out the brushes and foam rollers to get into spaces where we just can’t spray.

All the removed doors are taken to the spray booth to spray. It leaves a factory finish that you will love!

When we finish painting, we start putting everything back together, make our adjustments, remove the tape, plastic and reveal a new kitchen!

Will the paint last?

At the end of the day, we are talking about paint. It is not bullet proof. All the kitchen cabinets in my home are painted with the same process and materials we use in yours. The paint will stand up to normal day-to-day wear and wash.

  • Wash them with 50/50 vinegar and water.
  • Avoid water from staying on the surface. No wet rags on the doors, don’t let water sit on the doors, and dry them off.
  • Paint can (and will) chip…just like the paint in the rest of your house.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our labor and work. We come back in 12 months for an hour and touch up for free with the paint that is on site. It works, it looks good and it will last.

What are problems with painting cabinets?

This is a newer question but deserves the time to answer. If done correctly, your painted cabinets will last just as long as brand new cabinets. Maybe longer as newer cabinets don’t seem to be made as well as older ones!

Problem 1. Water damage! If you keep wet towels or rags on a painted wood surface, the paint will fail.

Problem 2. Cleaning with chemicals. Just like cleaning your wood floors, you should not use harsh chemicals to clean painted surfaces.

Problem 3. Defective cabinets. This has happened now for the 2nd time in 3 months, so it bears speaking about. When we estimate cabinets, we base that estimate on the cabinets being in good order…no unforeseen damage. These damages can happen in several ways:

  • After a hinge is removed or when a door is moved, a crack is found where it was mounted. This is fixable but would be an additional charge for the repairs.
  • Damaged veneer. This one has me stumped a bit. After we have cleaned, sanded, primed the door, the veneer fails. This means the wood surface comes off of the cabinet and leaves a mess. This is another issue where the repairs would be extra.
veneer coming loose from cabinets - cabinet painting
here is a a cabient we were painting and the veneer started to release fromt he door
  • Here is one video we had on this as well… 
  • And one more…
  • So, what are you waiting for?

    Contact us now for a free estimate! Call or text us at 847-553-1726. You will find out the cost, receive an email on our process, and when the time comes for the on-site estimate, show you a door sample and answer all your questions.

    How can we help you love the house you live in? Start with this link and we can provide you with a free estimate!

    Here are some other blog articles on painting cherry cabinets we have for you:

    Why is The Paint Peeling from My Cabinet Doors

    If you’re reading this, it is because you have painted cabinets in your home and you have an issue with peeling paint.

    When we are painting kitchen cabinet doors, we take extra steps to make sure you have a new, clean, solid painted surface that will last for years to come.  We are so sure we give you a lifetime warranty on all our cabinet painting.

    There are issues where the paint on a painted surface will peel away.  We know this because we are getting calls from people who have this issue and we have had this issue with work we have done.  In each case the reason is simple- the paint is not adhering to the surface.

    Is your paint peeling, chipping or bubbling?

    These are 3 different reasons that cause paint to come off of a surface.

    • Improper preparation
    • Impact damage
    • Water damage

    With these reasons there are some other reasons why paint will come off a painted surface like cabinet doors but for today we will keep it simple.  So lets hit the 3 reasons.

    Improper preparation causing paint to peel

    We see this issue in many different ways:

    • Cabinets not cleaned of dirt and grease
    • Cabinets not sanded to allow a surface for paint to stick
    • Finger prints!  If you try to paint and clean without gloves on, finger prints show up on the paint
    • Using the wrong primer. A good bonding primer is needed to stick to previously finished cabinets and give a surface for new paint to stick too
    • Wrong paint. Not all paints are created equal!  A high quality cabinet tested grade paint is what you need to use.

    We take a lot of time to clean cabinets. We use degreasers, wax removers and de-glossers to get rid of any contaminates in and on cabinet doors.  Sometimes, heavy grease or cooking oil just will not go away. In those cases we are stuck using oil primers.  If you are working with bathroom cabinets or areas where hair spray is being used, you will have a major issue with silicone that takes shellac to cover.

    If you don’t take the time to clean, sand, prime and inspect for contamination issues you will have paint issues.

    Impact damage

    This damage is usually seen with chipping paint

    • Areas around silverware drawers will chip because putting silverware away, at some point you will hit the paint with a utensil.
    • Finger nails – This usually happens around knobs or at the ends of a drawer or door because there is no hardware to use.
    • Trash access – Cabinets that have trash inside the cabinets ALWAYS get damaged. Cans, plates, you name it- cause paint to be damaged.
    • Toys – Usually small kids but we have seen some older kids do some damage to cabinets.
    • Cleaning tools – We usually see this with vacuum hoses. The metal hose dings the edges of the cabinets
    • Dogs – We have fixed many cabinets where dogs have chewed the edges of cabinet doors

    We cant do much to prevent this, it happens and you should expect it in every type of kitchen cabinets. Stained cabinets have just as much damage, you just cant see it as easily as a painted cabinet.

    Water Damage shows itself in bubbling

    Water damage comes in various forms. We have done a few videos and blog posts on this already.

    • Water and wood do not mix!
    • Leaving wet towels or rags on wood cabinets
    • Using the wrong products to clean wood
    • Allowing water to stand and dry on wood cabinets
    • Humidity

    You can read and watch some of the most common water issues we deal with in these links below:

    The hidden enemy of cabinet water damage: Humidity. Humidity in a home not only will damage and cause problems with your cabinets, but with your floors and interior doors!

    In the pictures in this post, this was due to water in the home, excessive humidity, which caused the doors to expand then caused the paint to “pop” or blister. We received the call to fix them!

    cabinet refinishing geneva - cabinet refinishing st. charles
    The paint blistered or bubbled on the door
    cabinet refinishing st. charles - paint

    The paint chipped away from the doorcabinet refinishing st. charles - paint peeling

    Bondo being inserted into cracks!cabinet refinishing st. charles - cabinet door

    2nd coat of Bondo added to the doorscabinet refinishing st. charles - cabinet door

    Doors are masked for primer and paintcabinet refinishing st. charles - elgin il

    Tape removed and finished!

    So, that is our process. There may be better – I just don’t know what they are. We work with a few cabinet makers and have their process as part of ours. We use the same materials they use when making them, so it is a solid system.

    Is prevention possible? Yes to some point

    But when you are asking “why is the paint peeling from my cabinets?” it is not a simple answer. Kind of like: I was stung by a bee. Was it a bee or was it a wasp, honey bee, bumble bee, yellow jacket or sweat bee?

    So top ways to reduce damage to your cabinets and prevent paint failure:

    • Maintain level humidity in your home (humidifier and dehumidifier).
    • Avoid standing water left on your cabinet doors
    • DO NOT leave wet towels, rags, aprons etc. hanging on your wooden painted doors
    • Use a vinegar and water 50/50 mix to clean the doors. It evaporates fast, no residue.
    • Hire a reputable cabinet painter with the right systems to get the job done right

    Have questions? Let us know. We look forward to helping you love the space you’re in!

    You can also check out our podcast where we talk about home improvement issues as well, The Paint and Paper Podcast. (iTunes) (Windows player)

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