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D'franco Painting & Wallpaper – Elgin, Geneva, St. Charles, Chicagoland


The D'franco Difference?

A passion to help others 

We do that in several ways because we understand what it's like to have colors in your home that are dated, wallpaper that you can't stand to look at, and cabinets that are an eyesore! Everything we can do for you, I have done in my home or the homes of my family. We take the frustration, stress, and anxiety out of your home re-decorating projects. With 19 plus years of experience and training, we will help you love the space you're in. 

Using employees NOT subcontractors

You may ask if it matters, we think it does. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable and can trust every person that we send into your home. With pre-screening, background checks, drug tests, on-going training and evaluations, employee reviews and goal setting, we are confident in who we send out. 

Giving back to the community

Profits are great and without running a profitable company, we would not be in business. But we are here for more than making money. Aside from the Paint-It Forward programs, we have found other programs to help with such as:

Our Mission is Simple:

We help you love the space you're in. 

We do so by using these 5 core values:


We are a faith based company. You can read Mathew 7:14 ("For narrow is the gate and difficult is the path") or Robert Frost ("two roads diverged into one and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference") Faith is not just in God, but that we will provide an amazing experience. We have a business like no one else because we do business like no one else. 


We solve problems and fix the pains of our customers. If a customer is not happy then we have done a poor job of communicating our process, systems, or understanding a customers expectations. If something's not right we do not make an excuse- we fix it.


A customer may not have the vision to know what the final product or outcome will be.  They may not be able to see what is possible. We must be like an offensive coordinator- sitting above the field during a game to see what everyone is doing. They see beyond what a player can see so that the best decision is made for successful results.


We raise honey bees.  It is a fun and ever learning hobby. The only thing that can fit in to a honey comb is a honey bee. The only thing the bees are working toward is making honey.  We provide wallpaper, cabinet re-finishing and painting services. We focus on our talents to provide excellent results.


Do you remember the last time you ate fresh or raw honey? That same smile and joy is what we want to see and hear from every customer we work with. We do that -Just like our honey bees, we have processes and systems for all we do so that like honey comb, we produce consistent and uniform results.  



We understand how important it is to use quality materials and get the job done right the first time. We are fully insured so you are secure knowing you and your home are protected.

Part of our success is being able to contribute to our community. This year, we were proud to take part in several opportunities to give back to our community. 

One of our programs is Paint-It-Forward. This was inspired by another paint company we met through networking at a paint trade show.  So we have made it part of how we can help people and organizations in our local community.   If you know of a family in need of help with their home, go to the Paint it forward page and fill out a nomination form to let us know!! We would love to see how we can use our family of employees and fellow contractors to help where we can. 

We also started in 2020 Mothers day and Fathers day giveaways! For mothers day, we gave away a kitchen cabinet giveaway through facebook! It was a huge success and over a hundred people entered this great giveaway. I could not leave the dad out- so for Fathers day we gave away redoing one of the most important places - outside of the garage/man cave- the deck! 


marc - dfranco painting wallpaper

Meet Marc! Marc is our Crew Leader/Field Supervisor.  Marc has been a great knowledge of the products we use, how they are used, what is expected on a job site and how to make sure the job gets done the right way.  Marc is also part of the employee training and development program.  I have been working with Marc over the last several months in training him on wallpaper installations as well, so he can lead, diagnose and deliver a great experience in all that we do!

giovonni - dfranco painting wallpaper

Say Hi to Giovonni! We were lucky in getting Giovonni in the midst of the Covid shutdown. He was looking to work and we had plenty to do. He came to us from a furniture and cabinet refinishing company that had to close for Covid.  He has been a great addition to us for the cabinet re-finishing part of the services we provide.

anthony - dfranco painting wallpaper

Meet Anthony! Anthony is another great addition that came in the midst of Covid! He actually called us looking for work, and has been a great addition to the team, recently promoted to Lead Painter.  As he has performed well with the painting and looked for other aspects of our services. He is now training as a wallpaper installer!

alonso - dfranco painting wallpaper

Say Hello to Alonso!! Alonso came to us by way of Daniel, which is awesome in that these two have known each other since the 3rd grade!  It was not a hard decision to bring Alonso on after meeting him. Seeing and hearing his great attitude and now seeing his amazing work ethic.  Kind of fun to have a crew that not only does good work but are best friends!

Daniel - dfranco painting wallpaper

Say Hello to Daniel!! Daniel is one of our newest job leads. He has been learning the ins and outs of commercial wallpaper, especially digital graphics! A great eye for detail and an amazing positive attitude has made him a huge addition to the team.

We help you to love the space your in!!

Contact us today- call or text us at (847) 553-1726, to see how we help you with your wallpaper, cabinet or painting needs